Summer Internship at HERE Technologies

About HERE Technologies

HERE is a global pioneer in the business of location and mapping intelligence. Based in the Netherlands, earlier known as Navteq, working with a vision for providing the best location experiences in the world through various operating systems every day and everywhere, to help people navigate their lives with ease and confidence. Rooted since 35 years of cartographic practice, it gives people trust and assurance on the technology to use it.

HERE Maps Creator Tool

Life is fast-paced nowadays and change is the rule of the world. Be it upcoming malls or new stores, or some new route or new expressway or highway, map creator makes updating maps simpler, and regularly updating maps is key to accuracy. Doing so will make sure that each place that is there around us is mapped in the tool and hence makes it useful for navigation purposes.

HERE Map Creator
List of all languages supported by HERE map creator

My internship experience

This is my first experience as a virtual internship with an organization like HERE technologies and it was really amazing. This is also my first experience with maps and digitization of maps which gave me a lot of exposure on community-driven map data and its importance. At first, it was a bit confusing but with the constant support of my mentor Ms.Mudrika Shakdwipee, I was able to achieve the target on the stipulated time. I learned about concepts like georeferencing, Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information System (GIS), images like raster images, vector images, etc. This internship taught me the importance of punctuality, being detail-oriented, and thought of putting customers’ interest over anything else which is key to success to an organization like HERE technologies.